How do I care for the leather?

A simple coat of neatsfoot oil will help protect the leather.  Or a saddle soap, leather conditioner type of product will do nicely as well.  Fiebings makes some pretty good conditioning products (I’m not getting paid to say that).  Be aware that some of these products may darken the leather slightly.  Always test any conditioners on a small part of the bag to see how it will react first. 

Avoid any products that use dyes or stains, unless that is a specific look that you are trying to achieve.

Do you work with other leather colors?

At this time, no.  I like the simple aesthetic of the natural color and the way that it darkens and earns character over time.

Do you make phone/tablet/electronics/beeper cases?


I create products that are meant to last a lifetime.  Simply designed and quality constructed, their nature is intended to be timeless. To be heirloom quality. 

As such, I don’t want to make products to accommodate the design whims of the electronics industry.  Modern electronics are intentionally designed for obsolescence.  They are meant to be disposable, so that you loyally reenter the consumer purchase cycle every two years.  I take the opposite stance, and I simply don’t want to make leather cases for people that will have to go into a dumpster in two years because an electronics industrial designer intentionally obsoleted the old design.   

I don’t eschew technology by any regard (in fact, my business depends on it) but I’m not interested in designing products to accommodate its fads.

Do you ever have sales?


And I never will.  In fact, the prices that you see now are the cheapest that a product will ever be.  But it’s worth paying for something that will last a lifetime, and you’ll notice the difference in quality as soon as you handle any of my pieces.

Everything I make is custom made to order, 100% by hand, and an excruciating amount of time and effort goes into every single item.  One of the delightful consequences of this is that I don’t have “inventory” that I need to clear out, or a warehouse to empty.

While we’re on the subject, I also don’t do “seasons”, “collections”, “limited runs”, or any other bullshit scarcity tactic to pressure you into buying something.  If a design is good enough to make, it’s good enough to make all the time.

But if you really need some kind of sales tactic to motivate you, perhaps I can interest you in some specials that we are currently/continuously running:

-Buy one, get the next one full price!

-50% off 0% of ALL items, this week only!

-Buy one, get a free confirmation email – only while supplies last!

-Buy now! Or tomorrow!  Or next Thursday! Or really, anytime that's good for you!


Are all your items really stitched by hand


And by hand stitched, I mean two hands, two needles, and some sturdy thread.  There are no sewing machines.  As an added bonus, all of my items are hand stitched by an actual adult (a rather handsome one, at least according to his mother).

I use a stitching technique called the “Saddle Stitch” – which is used because it is far stronger than any stitch that a machine can produce.  The saddle stitch can only be accomplished by hand, and there is no machine that can replicate it.  It’s one of those beautiful, old world techniques that has stood the test of time.


Do you line your bags?

No.  I believe in the inherent beauty of natural materials.  I want you to experience the purity, beauty, even the smell, of the natural leather that I use.  You don’t build a table from solid oak and then cover it with plastic veneer.  I don’t believe a high quality leather handbag should be any different.


Do you provide dust bags?

No. My bags are designed and intended for daily use, not as display items.  I find frequent use a far more effective deterrent from dust than sitting in a bag.  If we're being honest, I also find the practice of putting a nice bag inside yet another bag - kind of strange.


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