Simple Wallet

$ 80.00


A classic bifold is timeless. It ages with you. As fashions come and go, your billfold remains, marking the years of life. But if you’re like us, and you’re tired of the flimsy garbage from chain stores at the mall, consider investing in something that will actually last.

With two simple pockets, the J.R. Hemenway bifold has enough room to hold a handful of cards and a few crisp bills – only the essentials.

Crafted from durable 4oz vegetable tanned leather sourced from a 130 year old tannery in the vast plains of the American Midwest, the bifold is 100% hand stitched and finished in our Paris studio. The piece will darken naturally with age, eventually turning a rich caramel color as it earns character through time.

Each item is handmade upon ordering, please allow up to 3-4 weeks for shipping

  • Made from durable 4oz American made vegetable tanned leather
  • 100 % hand sewn in Paris

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